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Durian cultivation base in Malaysia
This unparalleled native flavour is a product of the region's singular geography and climate.
Pahang, a state in Malaysia, is perched atop a mountain that rises 500 metres above sea level and experiences an average annual rainfall of 1789 millimetres (m). It occupies the long slopes and natural drainage systems of the three major plateaus between 1 and 7 degrees north latitude. Morning fog delays the durians' descent because the stems dry out slowly. As a result of the flight delay, the durian is able to fully mature and develop its distinctive flavor, texture, and nutritional profile.
In the aftermath of the wind and rain, we have meticulously grown every ageing durian just for you. The fruit's full maturity reflects the durian's honesty to Mother Nature and its appreciation of the hard work put in by the fruit farmers who nurture it. Every bite of Musang King durian is packed with beneficial nutrients like dietary fibre, vitamin E, vitamin C, niacin 1, calcium, potassium, and several trace elements. The same family inheritance, Cai Lao's inheritance concept of quality sharing, is applied to the planting of durians; from the estate level down, everything from the selection of fruit to the monitoring of the cold chain preservation and direct transportation is carefully monitored to guarantee that every durian you eat is of the highest possible quality.
Durian Mountain
Durian Flowers
New Born Baby Durian
Following the standards, no artificial ripening, all natural. Fragrant and thick golden flesh, instantly occupy the tip of the tongue, and you will definitely fall in love with the creamy mouthfeel.