Durian Varieties Part 2

D200 Old Tree Black Thorn
Yield: Rare
Durian Features: The "black thorn" moniker comes from the dark coloration of the thorn shell's apex and the "black thorn" tail that is somewhat elevated at the base.
Durian Taste: The seed is big, the flesh is bright orange, and the flavour is complex. The flesh is thick and sweet (with a hint of creaminess).
D198 Old Tree Gold Phoenix
Yield: Rare
Durian Features: Smaller-sized durian. It has a spherical form, short, heavy thorns, and often weighs less than two pounds.
Durian Taste: Gold Phoenix has very fair skin and flesh. The flavour is juicy and moist, and the sweetness is a blend of wine and milk, and the colour is reminiscent of milk as well.
D175 Old Tree Red Prawn
Yield: Normal
Durian Features: The orange-red fruit of the durian tree is protected by a tough, thick shell and few sharp thorns.
Durian Taste: Ideal for those who prefer their durian on the "sweet" side Red prawns have a viscous, chewy texture.
D163 Hor Lor
Yield: Normal
Durian Features: The outside resembles a gourd, except for the yellowish husk and the numerous, sharp thorns.
Durian Taste: In addition to a tiny pit and a dry, sticky pulp, this fruit has a slightly bitter flavour and a thick, dense texture.