Eagle Whitepaper

On-chain Farm System


With our on-chain game and marketplace as the main part of the ecosystem, the foundation also reach a strategic cooperation with the Durian Garden at Malaysia Jidi Group to create a new app which is expected to be launched in February 2023
In the first phase, 888 durian trees will be developed and open for members to purchase voluntarily.
  • Each tree will cost 1,000 eagle coins.
  • Tree cycle is divided into 1 month and 3 months. After completing the planting task, they will get 5% and 25% of the Eagle token income respectively as well as durian pieces.
  • Collect 4 durian pieces to get the real top-quality Musang King durian issued by the durian garden in Malaysia
  • You just need to complete the planting task 5 times a day, or accumulate it in total