About Us

Official registered foundation under ACRA Singapore. VEAGLE CAPITAL LTD is certified and confirmed as a legal company. The project EAGLE is aiming that every investor will HOLD the token as we are building a complete ecosystem that will maximize the utilities of our token and create values for our investor.

What is Singapore Foundation and ACRA?

A "Foundation" is a non-profit legal person created following these Regulations to engage in public welfare utilising property supplied by natural persons, legal persons, or other organisations. The Singapore Foundation is a non-profit public guarantee enterprise registered as a public company with ACRA.
  • Singapore's blockchain laws are excellent, and compliance documentation can be issued later. Preserving investor rights is achievable.
  • Well-known ones such as Litecoin, Bytom, and Qantas are all registered Singapore foundations. This a valid point to give confidence to our investors.
  • Singapore has a good blockchain policy and approach. It's perfect for an Asia-Pacific operation center.