Project Background

Our why and mission.

We aiming to go back to the purest of tokens, we do not add any mode or features to our token but only expand the community consensus and build a complete ecosystem. Nowdays the market are full of desire and greed, people are impetuous, and the project team just wants to earn and scam. Regardless the project is static, dynamic, focus on first-level or second-level, most of them are just greedy team that want to get money from the investors' pocket.
The token itself is a financial attribute, and it has bubbles. Coupled with the violate mode or tokenomics, the bubbles are invisibly increased, and the investors will mostly suffer from it.

Distributed holders + Ecosystem building

The project wanted to let iinvestors disperse and hold together, and at the same time create a closed ecosystem so that the tokens can be circulated. For that we chose to colleb with China's direct sales team to fully disperse the amount of token.
Because the direct sales team spends the same price to buy in the early stage to get the corresponding token for free. The knew nothing about the tokens at the beginning but the belief in the token is beneficial, so the consensus can be truly reached. So as long as there is a good ecology and a strong consensus, this coin will definitely become a light in the darkness.
In the early stage, it has been broken up and held by the Chinese direct sales team with more than 10,000 teams.

Our Advantages

  • Project model, avoid pump and dump
  • Strong financial strength support from foundation
  • More than million non-crypto holders support with strong consensus
  • Building a closed ecosystem for project